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Step into dense forests and rolling velvety hills covered with tropical evergreen and semi evergreen vegetation that lead to moist deciduous vegetation that further open out into swampy.....

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Elephants in Periyar National Park

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The Periyar national park is also called the elephant reserve apart from being the tiger reserve. You can see the herds of the Asiatic elephants moving in this park. These herds move in the parks spread across an area of 777 sq km. There are quite a good number of elephants in the Periyyar reserve. You can see the elephant gazing in this wonderful park and the elephant bath in the Periyyar Lake is a magnificent experience.
The Periyar National Park in Kerala, South India is supposedly one of the main natural havens for the Asiatic elephant in India. India Wildlife Tours presents you with a set of online tour packages that take you on wildlife safaris to this vast wildlife sanctuary that is located over an area of 777square kilometers.

Watching herds of elephants congregate near the vast Periyar Lake is perhaps one of the most delightful experiences you can have while on wildlife tours to the Periyar National Park in Kerala, South India.
There are more than 800 Asiatic elephants at the Periyar National Park in Kerala, South India. Gaze at elephants sucking in liters of water in their trunk and bathing each other and their little ones with magnificent showers at the Periyar Lake.

Take pictures of elephants as they display their entertaining antics. Ride an elephant at the Periyar wildlife sanctuary and fall in love with these sensitive and caring animals.

Elephant gazing at the Periyar National Park is an extremely safe activity, till date there hasn't been a single case of an elephant attacking a launch or a boat. Thus you can actually go quite close to these huge mammals and watch them closely as they happily play around in the water.
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